Construct[ion] Theory

We both work in the architectural design and construction industry. Yes, you caught us – we are both full time career minded individuals with fairly traditional job by many standards. Substantial student debt reminds us that we are very well educated in it. Frequently full 12+ hour days are evidence we work really hard at it. Officially sanctioned business cards display titles and credentials meant we must be professionals at it.

Our career choices mean we get to create, design, and build physically tangible products and spaces. But what I’ve recently realized it that our infatuation with “construction” goes far beyond paying the bills. It bleeds over into the life that we also have the ability to create, design, and build every day.


Picture life itself is a series of CONSTRUCT[ION]S.

Each of us the Architect and Builder of our own final product and space in this world.

Here are just a few of the identifiable areas which help demonstrate where this theory of creating a self-defined life so easily crops up:

  • We fabricate scenarios and outcomes before they occur
  • We build up challenges and barriers
  • We create ‘norms’ and ‘standards’ to live up to and abide by
  • We develop habits and perceptions of ‘self’ along the way

Do you do any/all of the same? I’d sure be surprised by anyone who claims not to.

So what happens when we grasp this subjective yet powerful concept, and really start taking action to construct our best life?!

Just like we learned in design school, the possible outcomes are vast – there is no one answer, no right solution. Seeking feedback and collaboration with others is imperative to assess and strengthen the parts and sum of the whole. Stepping back and taking a critical view for yourself; always helpful. And ultimately, taking pride in your work and final product – regardless of the inevitable room-for-improvement factor – is what drives your success.


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