For All The Marbles.

When’s the last time you felt yourself on the verge of victory – so sure of a favorable outcome and certain of all possible rewards? When’s the last time you went for all the marbles?

Was it earlier today? Yesterday? Maybe last week…? If not, possibly it is too far passed, hard to recall the ‘when’ and ‘what’ of it all.


This is not intended to be a cheesy job interview question. What’s important to note is that this victory we are asking about is completely up to you. The successes and feelings of triumph of your own determination, not controlled or stipulated by anyone else. No finite quantity, level, or value associated. A victory of your own making – one in which you are shooting for all the marbles.

0235_2017_09_29___JB___CRYSTAL MILL_
autumn in marble, colorado

It is often difficult or even unnatural to recognize and celebrate your own victories, especially the small, seemingly insignificant ones. Guilty! Admittedly, we do it all the time. But we have also wondered; if we aren’t living life in an all-in mentality, or playing for all the marbles, aren’t we sort of missing the thrill of it?

Maybe it was the al fresco dirt road mud masks (shown above!), or the contagious feeling of Fall in the air with its abrupt and vibrant change of season we are experiencing in our mountain riddled home state. It could have even been the cold medicine we both relied on over a short getaway weekend enjoyed with family. But we were recently reminded that this blurry life is full of so many little moments, fleeting specks of perfection, that can easily go unnoticed if we live narrowly.

0195_2017_09_29___JB___CRYSTAL MILL_
watching the storm roll in through the wide and wild valley.

After careful calculations and a nearly thwarted attempt at witnessing the perfect autumn sunset on Crystal Mill just outside of Marble, Colorado, we recognized our many victories in lieu of ruminating on some very literal roadblocks. Namely, the socked-in rainy weather and resulting mud bog 4-Runner trap quite literally standing between us as our objective…


It is effortless to get caught up in worries and agendas and decisions. Instead of victories, it is easy to recognize the more obvious roadblocks. Ultimately though, it was the 5 minutes of unexpected civil twilight dancing along the Crystal River that we did capture which told us to stop chasing tomorrow’s ‘to-dos’ and start navigating the wide open expanses each day offers. The mountains do it best – living wide and wild and never tame.

So count your everyday victories – no matter the size – and live life for all the marbles.


0327_2017_09_29___JB___CRYSTAL MILL_-HDR-Edit


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