Hiking. Really just a Heist…

Spoiler alert! For those of you diehard, hiking-for-the-sake of hiking fanatics out there, be advised – the following featured full-length article may not be suitable for your reading pleasure. By all means, we applaud you. Like in a slow-clap, insanely envious of you sort of way! But regrettably, we can’t say that we could readily join your camp.

In our humble opinion, hiking is not about the hike. It is really just a heist.

0036{2017}{07}{20}_{JB}_{KELSO RIDGE}

Now, if you’ve made it to this part of the post – stick with us – you may find yourself feeling similarly, nodding from here on out in affirmation. Or at least intrigued enough to know what the heck we mean by all of these border line words of blasphemy.

A recent venture up the elusive Kelso Ridge Route, an arguably class-4 endeavor to summit a precarious 14,274 feet to Torreys Peak, really got us thinking…


Taking this Kelso Ridge operation as our informant, we’ve come up with the following list of credible evidence.

Here’s how we see it:

Premeditating the Heist / .. Consider the mental and physical preparation that goes into an expedition; the planning and mapping of every possible route with infinite backup plans built in. Not to mention the laborious task of making and packing a full gear list required to pull off such a stunt.

The Strategic Approach / .. Sneaking in under the cloak of darkness is our signature tactic; a simple means of remaining covert and avoiding others catching on as we move in toward our objective, yet not without the proper precautions and tools (a trusty headlamp)!

0049{2017}{07}{20}_{JB}_{KELSO RIDGE}-Edit


Forming a Trustworthy Crew / .. We look forward to working within a seamless unit focused on a singular prize from who we learn, trust, and look out for along the way. A list of accomplices we also celebrate our successfully accomplished missions with in the end.

Disguises / .. Of critical importance for those of us needing a bit of fabricated confidence; it often feels safer to step into uncharted territory with an extra layer to skin to appear toughened up.

The Crime / .. Although the ultimate objective may vary with each target, we are always pleased with stealing views we have never seen before, capturing moments to lock away forever, and consistently covet the most precious rewards without ever leaving a trace.

0185{2017}{07}{20}_{JB}_{KELSO RIDGE}


The Thrill / .. What theft doesn’t crave the unpredictable obstacles and raw excitement of choreographing a complicated job? Call it reckless, but we tend to recognize the higher the risk – albeit calculated – the higher the reward. And we like to step up to the challenge.

And The Payout / .. Because, in the end, we find ourselves feeling over-the-top filthy rich as a result! We have decidedly declared that whatever treasures we seize out there – be it the rush of experience or looted heaps of memories – are completely ours for keeps!


0233{2017}{07}{20}_{JB}_{KELSO RIDGE}

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